Lila's first Birthday

Golden Gate Park

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The Birthday Girl

Group walking into the park

Lila, Mari, Jeff and Buddha

Susie and Jeff

Mali playing in the trees


Matt and Malachi



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New close-up of Lila

Malachi meets newborn Lila

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Lila at Jeff and Susie's

Lila at home

Lila and her Mom, Lana



Mali greets Lila 6/11/01


Lila Anne was born at 3:46 a.m. on Friday, May 5 at UC Medical Center in San Francisco. The delivery room had an expansive view and her parents looked out a lovely sunrise as they spent their first hours with her. They actually thought of naming her Dawn. But Lila is named after her great-grandmother Lila Isaacs, who was a beautiful woman and an artist. Anne is both Barbara and Lana's middle name.

The fact that Lila's birth occurred in San Francisco was significant. Lila is the seventh generation of women born in San Francisco in great-grandma Mary's family. Her ancestor Mary Sullivan came in the first wagon train to cross the Sierras (before the Donner party.) Mary Sullivan's daughter, Catherine Scherreback, was the second white child born in San Francisco. So Lila is descended from this lineage of pioneering women.

Lila's  entry into the world was quick. Lana's labor began just as Matt and Lana were about to go to bed on Friday night.  The hospital staff allowed Lana, Matt and their midwife, Amrit, to deliver Lila themselves. The nurse on duty said it was the most beautiful birth she had ever seen. Amrit said that Lila's birth was truly a home birth in a hospital. With Amrit's help, Matt caught Lila as she was born and the doctor allowed Matt to cut the cord.

Lila met her brother Malachi a little after noon on Sunday. She gave him two gifts: a Winnie the Pooh Jack in the Box and a lion puppet.  The picture shows their first meeting and the beauty of their family.

After hearing about Lila's birth, Grandma Susie opened a book of poetry called I Heard God Laughing. She was astonished when the poem quoted a baby as saying, "I am Here! I am Here --dear world!"

We are happy and blessed that you are here dear Lila and welcome you with open arms and love.