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Malachi as a new baby

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Matt, Lana and Malachi

Matt and Malachi

Susie, Jeff and Malachi

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Malachi's Hat Tricks

At two weeks old and he is indeed a bigger boy than when you viewed him in the pictures above. He has taken a bath with both his parents and alone and seems to love the water. He has started to kick and makes noises. He puts his fingers in his mouth and likes to play with his hat strings. Here is how he played on our heart strings when we captured him playing with his hat on video on the evening of Saturday, March 24. His aunts Bee and Mari were visiting with his grandparents Jeff and Susie and his great uncle Ernie. Soon you will be able to view him on video at this site.

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A Boy and His Dad

Malachi adores his Dad and hearing him sing. Look at the way he watches his Dad's face in the first picture as he hears his Matt singing his name. These pictures were taken at his grandparents house in Walnut Creek, the day before he was three weeks old. The last picture in this series shows Mom and Dad and Malachi together. Matt and Lana seem like they were born entertain a nurture a baby. Lucky Malachi! Malachi's designer sweater was knit by his great-grandma Mary.


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Malachi with his great-grandmother Mary (4/1/2000)

Easter 2000 Photo Gallery

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Grandma Susie and Malachi

Malachi with grandmother Barbara

Great Uncle Ernie and Malachi

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Mimi's fiancÚ Mark Davenport Mimi, Mark and Malachi

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Mari and guess who?  Mari and Lana Happy Auntie Mari

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Mimi and Mark in love Mari and Rodger Great-Uncle Rodger