Malachi Isaacs

On the first beautiful day in weeks, Malachi came gently into the world at 7:38 in the morning. The date was March 12, 2000. Labor started the previous day when Matt and Lana took a walk around the Lafayette reservoir. However, going home in the car, it subsided and Lana was able to work on the hat she was knitting, hoping to finish it before the baby was born. Labor started again during the night and Malachi was born in the early morning. The birth was easy and his father felt his head as he came into the world and was able to cut his umbilical cord. Malachi was born in his own room in his house in Berkeley. Lana and Matt are already very relaxed parents. Caring for a baby seems to come naturally to them. They are a great team and Grandma Barbara is there for added support. Everyone wants to help so they can be with Malachi. According to many observers, he is the cutest newborn boy on the planet at this time. Look at the photos below taken the day he was born and then at two weeks and see for yourself.