Jeff and Susie's Sleeper Video Picks

In no particular order

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Title Our Rating Comments
Dej Vu   One of our all time favorite, takes place in Israel, England and Paris; it shows that our decisions about love aren't always in our hands.
Late for Dinner    
Road Scholar   Romanian author, Andre Cordescu, NPR journalist, travels across the country in a Cadillac revealing his impressions of the diverse people who make up America.
Everybody Says I Love You   Woody Allen's surprisingly heartwarming musical with actors like Edward Norton singing, great dance numbers.
Home for the Holidays   Goes to the essence of the challenges of maintaining one's identity as families unite for the holidays, but Jodie Foster also goes deeper and reveals the beauty of each person. Robert Downey Jr. and Holly Hunter make hilarious siblings.
Momma, Who's That Man in Your Bed (Romuald et Juliette)   Funny, delightful French film, filled with surprises and humor.
The Kid    
Pride and Prejudice (Mini-series)   Colin Firth makes an unforgettable Mr. Darcy in this exquisite BBC version of a love story showing how people soften as they give up their expectations.
Smoke   Poignant stories are revealed in this classic